Super Metroid QoL rom hacks compared - for first time playthrough?

Started by Feliz Lombriz, January 22, 2022, 12:27:43 AM

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Feliz Lombriz

I'm going to dip my toe into the Metroid franchise for the first time! Game plan is:
-Metroid: Zero Mission first
-AM2R next
-then Super Metroid

For Super Metroid, looks like there are a few options for quality of life rom hacks, including:

-Super Metroid Turbo! (samsamcmoi)
-Super Metroid Redux (ShadowOne333)
-Super Metroid Project Base Levels + Control Freak (Omn)

I read the reviews on all these, and they all say each is the very best way to play Super Metroid. 😄 But I'm struggling to get a read on how they compare.

Which might be best for a first-time player? Or maybe you'd recommend something else for first-time Super Metroid? Thanks!

(First post! If this should instead be under gaming discussion, just let me know.)


Personally, I think one should at least try games as they were originally designed for the first time.
Then worry about things like QoL changes.
But that might just be my opinion.
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Stick to the original. TRUST ME. Later if you absolutely must, Play a hack.