What would you change (realistically) about Bob-omb Mafia?

Started by Will331999, October 07, 2022, 03:57:58 PM

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I am working on a Bob-omb Mafia Plus Addendum hack. I would very much appreciate thoughts, ideas, or concepts that don't just boil down to "Make the game not suck" or "add a new party member" please. So far I have done:
The Title Screen

Locked a boss fight behind progression instead of letting it just body you right away.

Made it so you don't need to grind to beat the first boss, infact I have been doing my best to reduce grinding to its absolute bare minimum.
I've censored all the swearing, while still keeping the 'charm' of the original dialogue.
I've added a boss rush post final boss for players who want an extra challenge, and even an additional secret boss in a secret area.
I've even increased HP level up bonuses, and added a new set of armor and weapons to help with the final boss so you (hopefully) don't get 1 shot.

Any other ideas such as these would be much appreciated!  :thumbsup:


I would start with uncensoring and keeping the original dialogue.


Quote from: JP32 on October 07, 2022, 04:58:43 PMI would start with uncensoring and keeping the original dialogue.
Believe me, I understand, But the entire original premise was to make the hack less edgy. However I CAN compromise, and keep the text GENERALLY the same, replace swearing with PG language that has a similar tone while not being cheesy- IE: NOT replacing Sabakkis's "Hungry Son-of-a-Bitch" line with Son-of-a-gun but instead.... ok i have no ideas... but I'll figure something out... but definitely something that has a similar sort of punch to it

Skyle Kelvin

Make the Bob-omb Mafia Battle not slaughter you in the first round without major grinding.