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How do I make pre-rendered Graphics?

Started by Rabbid4240, December 16, 2021, 10:03:10 AM

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Is it possible today to make pre rendered graphics in the style of DKC or Sonic 3D Blast? This isn't technically for romhacking but I just want to know how it was made so I can do it myself.


Do 3d model. Pose 1. Press print screen (or slightly more technically literate version thereof). Advance to pose 2 as per standard animation approaches. Press print screen... however many poses later you have your sprite sheet and can use accordingly. I should also note the reverse is possible with Doom being very noted for using clay models and scanning those in.

You could possibly make it such that it looks more old school graphics compared today where different shaders and light handling will make things fun (I would say the relative lack of detail in older stuff, even if it way exceeds top tier 2d art of the day , contributes to its clarity in game). Might even try for oldschool programs themselves if you want but that gets a bit more tricky; custom OS possibly, custom hardware, hardware dongles as DRM... plus being ancient but still pro tier software.

Interesting video on older stuff in current space year

Textures including some of the programs

The old machinima series all your history did one on rare which included some of their 3d efforts