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Translator services?

Started by anonymousse, December 12, 2021, 02:16:41 PM

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Hello. I'm a Japanese->English translator. I mostly work with manga but lately I had this idea to translate an 8/16 bit game. But since I know nothing about this process there's no way I can do it myself, so I thought I'd join somebody who does. Is there a place here to offer translation services and are those even in demand?



Welcome. Have you seen the subforum of Help Wanted ads?

You may also find something of interest in the Abandoned section. (I'd love to see someone pick up River City Ransom X68K .)
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Ah I see, I thought it was just for general translation help.

But so how does this abandoned stuff works? What are the logistics there?


The abandoned projects are just projects that various people have abandoned. There might be some scripts in some of them, but you'd have to find a hacker to finish the project.

You might have better luck finding a hacker who needs translation help with a project, but there's no guarantee that if you translated a script, your translation would ever be released in a patch.


Best approach would be to find somebody who has a script and a means to reinsert already.  Best shot is somebody trying to do it all themselves, but finding the translation work too much.

You really should consider how big a script you want to work on for a first project though, and what things might be off-limits for you.