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Orientation regarding translations

Started by Frodo1990, December 10, 2021, 10:41:11 PM

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Romancing saga 3 boku no hack
Well these its my first time trying to translate something and my japanese skill its not high enough and i suck at romhacking but i want to try anyway, specially Romancing saga 3 boku no hack, a popular jp hack from that game that adds a lot of new events and characters and gameplay.

For the moment im translating weapons, techs and skills ( there is a wiki page for the changes of bokuno hack) so i need someone to dump the script.

Any orientation regarding translation work or how to do or start a proyect in general would be aprecciate :)


You can ask if someone who has worked on previous translations has a script dump, but people are unlikely to dump on request (as that is considered a standard skill of ROM hacking). Also because, as I understand, the Romancing SaGa games have a pretty complicated script storage that one doesn't just easily dump.
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Thanks for the info, i will have it in mind
Do you recommend to post it these in "Help Wanted Ads"?