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Controllers for PC Gaming - Got a fave?

Started by Spooniest, December 07, 2021, 06:58:06 PM

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Mine is the 8bitdo SF30 Pro, personally (with wireless adapter, of course).

Good weight, buttons are nice and springy, dpad is a little off at times, analog sticks have a nice round feel to them (although mine are broken), and it functions in many different input modes for my gaming convenience. I don't care for XBox Controllers, as they have too much bulk for me. I don't like feeling like I'm holding the weight up on the controller as I play. Batteries only add to this trouble.

How about you, fellow RHDNers? Talk at length about the merits and/or demerits of particular PC gaming controllers, and, GO


i use a ds4 with ds4windows (ryochan fork)

i hate it some days and wish I had something like an 8bitdo pro2 or even one of the better quality xbone controllers

Sliver X

If I'm sitting in front of a machine so don't care about a wire, I prefer to use a PSOne Dualshock masquerading as an XBox controller via SCPToolkit. I still think this particular model has the best analog sticks of any controller I've ever used, and I consider the digital L2/R2 buttons a feature rather than a bug.

If I'm using my HTPC/Phone/whatever I use 8bitdo Pro 2s (I have six of them now for my various machines): They have amazing dpads, decent analog sticks and are fairly ergonmic.

I have a couple of Switch Pro controllers but I need to just sell them off: Surprisingly, coming from the company that literally invented the dpad, they're absolute garbage. The XBox 360 dpad is the only one I can think of that manages to be even worse.


I have a couple of Logitech F310, mostly because they were cheap.

I like my PS3 controller, but ayoye, the drivers are inconvenient. (ScpToolkit is unquestionably an improvement over MotionInJoy, but it's still far from ideal.)
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8BitDo Pro 2.  It really is better than the SF30 in every way, like a fusion of the good parts of almost every great console controller (minus sega consoles anyway).  Much better d-pad, feels very solid, great sticks, and it seems to holding up great especially considering the price.  I can even update the firmware on a mobile device, where I use it more often.

Otherwise, a keyboard and mouse when it's better.  Never could get used to playing an FPS with anything but WSAD/Mouse.


The 8BitDo Pro 2, the controller grip feels amazing, has decent build quality to it, great compatibility, it feels like the go to controller.

Rodimus Primal

I've been using a Dualshock 3 via Bluetooth and the SCP Toolkit for it. My SN30 Plus is connected to my Switch and I have two 8bitdo SNES controllers on my SNES Classic. Unfortunately, my experience with 8bitdo has left a bit to be desired with fighting games. I want to try the Pro 2 though.


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