Newbie having issues with NES Castlevania intro sprites

Started by St3fan, December 06, 2021, 07:41:03 PM

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Hi I'm new to romhacking and have just started working on an NES Castlevania rom. With Tile Layer Pro I have successfully replaced the Simon sprites, and had lots of fun making some original item sprites. But there is one issue: in the intro section of the game where Simon walks towards the gate, the last pose he makes is turning towards the gate. I just cannot find the sprites for this pose of his in the rom anywhere.

So I also downloaded two NES Castlevania hacks here, one called "Mr. Hyde in Castlevania" that replaces Simon with Mr. Hyde, and one called "Castlevania - Sonia Belmont Edition" that replaces Simon with Sonia. On my emulator both hacks do not have correct main character sprite for this last facing gate pose (Hyde showing scrambled pixels, and Sonia becoming solid orange color blocks). I am very confused. Could it be that my rom is a weird incorrect rip? But my rom shows the intro correctly...

Thanks in advance.


Links are helpful.

I see both of those indicate that the CRC32 should be 856114C8 . Does that apply to your ROM? (You should be able to view the CRC32 of the ROM with most archiver programs. I use IZArc.)
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My apologies. For some reason I thought I wasn't supposed to post links (I even copied and pasted the actual full name of the two hacks. Maybe I was too accustomed to places that ban hyperlinks)

So I did have a couple of findings:
(1) The 2 hacks indicate that they need PRG1 ROM, and I wasn't using the correct one.
(2) I checked the CRC32 of a PRG1 ROM I had, and the CRC32 did not match what the hack authors listed.
(3) I downloaded a couple of PRG1 ROM online, and the CRC32 did not match either.
(4) I applied the Sonia hack to one of the PRG1 ROMs I had, the intro animation was working correctly.
(5) I put the PRG1 ROM along side the hack version of the PRG1 ROM in TLP, compared tiles one by one but still could not figure out where the extra intro sprites were in the ROM... If the authors of the hacks see this thread I do wish that you help me point to the correct location...
(6) So now I think I will need to transfer all my tile work that's already done to the new PRG1 ROM. Is there a quick way to copy and paste the tiles?



Graphics for his last animation is located starting at 0x1B127.

I use YY-CHR for copypasting etc


Quote from: Cyneprepou4uk on December 08, 2021, 08:35:44 PM
Graphics for his last animation is located starting at 0x1B127.

I use YY-CHR for copypasting etc
Thanks a lot! These sprites are on a very different part of the rom and with a different offset. That was why I couldn't find it. Thanks!

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When I have difficulty finding a sprite I use the Mesen emulator, it has a built-in sprite editor. For small edits it helps.