Translations: Vampire Knight DS game now available in English!

Started by RHDNBot, December 05, 2021, 11:38:17 AM

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Update By: PhantomandGhost

A full English translation of the 2009 NDS game Vampire Knight (based on the hit anime/manga series of the same name) has been released!

A 7 chapter long otome game with 21 different endings, the patch provided both a technical and translation challenge, trying to squeeze a much longer translation into the original space. Finally, after many months of troubleshooting, tracking down elusive text and fighting off vicious vampires, the Anime Games Translation Team is proud to present their newest release!

Step into the shoes of Yuki Cross, guardian of the Cross Academy, and keeper of a dark secret. Patrol the academy's grounds as you keep an eye out for those who would disturb the peace, and those who would rather disturb you.

With a multitude of lush CGs, fully-voiced main characters, and an array of mini-games to try, this game provides an insight into the world of Vampire Knight as it's never seen before, with plenty for old and new fans alike to sink their teeth into.

RHDN Project Page

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Nice news!  Even when is not my favorite genre, is always grateful to see projects like this one coming into fruition.  Kudos to the team involved! :thumbsup:


Translation seems to be working great but i am using both Desmume2015 and drastic emulators on retropie and the screen's orientation is totally fault and there is no option to change it.


@mikeprado30: Thank you for your kind words!

@soulfunkdjx: The game is designed to be played with the DS rotated to the side (book-mode), so likewise you'll need to rotate the screen. It looks like this is a known issue on the retropie, and there are a few solutions online which seem to work for some people and not others, depending on whether or not you are using Retroarch or the stand-alone emulators. I'm afraid it's not something I know much about, so I can only advise you to try asking on a more specialist site, e.g. r/retropie.


This is not the kind of game I usually play, but I applaud the effort and I'm always mesmerized by how much work is put into something like this. Truly amazing in every way. Kudos!


I will dig it a bit more then. Thanks for the quick reply.


Nice! Another DS otome game title translated! You guys (or gals?) are on a roll! Too bad this game is for girls or girls at heart only.   

Let me guess the next project, Ouran High School Host Club DS? Fushigi Yuugi DS? or maybe Dengeki Gakuen Cross of Venus Special Edition ;D

Regardless, this is a great contribution to the English speaking community! Cheers! :woot!:

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@thiagosimoes: It was certainly one of our more intensive projects! I don't think it ever would have been possible without the amazing work of everyone on the team ^^

@soulfunkdjx: Hope you can get it sorted!

@bukopandan: As a team, we don't have a particular otome focus, it mostly just comes down to who is available/interested in working on what.

That said, we did try to get in contact with a translator called Dee (joseinextdoor) who had been working on a translated script of Fushigi Yuugi DS to ask whether she'd be interested in turning into a patch, but never heard back.

As for OHSHC, there was a recent revival of the translation project on here, which got picked up by the Manga Dub team who have been working on it since February of this year!