[PSX] [EN/ES/IT] Ace Combat 3 electrosphere - the new fan translation from LWT

Started by Infrid, November 27, 2021, 04:37:57 AM

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Quote from: gsifdgs on May 13, 2022, 08:44:58 AM
I understand 👍. I know this is just a translation project, I just wanted to ask, if your team have a spare time after translation to check it. I have doubts that it will work or not, but I heard pal copy of ace combat 3 had a better analog system so I thought maybe it's possible to change analog input? So I don't expect it to get fully fixed but again if your team have a time to check the controls after translation done even if it's not fixable, I would be happy just to learn the results. I won't hold my breath for it to fix but thanks again for all the works!

We wanted to bring a few things from the PAL/US version into the JAP one, but we found out it is very hard to "transplant" any code. The PSX has a very limited memory, and AC3 takes advantage of any spare space. Also, Namco in this case liked to write its own code functions, making it hard to track down specific functions.

For example, Sony might give to you, the developer, a function named "draw_a_square" and there are ways to track that on the game because there is a kind of signature left in the code. But Namco (and any developer that pushed the console hard) said "oh we are going to write our faster functions! Let's create draw_a_square_pacman!", in this case we don't have a signature to track. To resolve this kind of problem, you have basically run a decomp project :D
Even if you find the function, you have to fiddle with the memory and find a suitable space in the ram, it's a very hard problem without decomp everything (and spend years on this project).
Eventually we can go philosophical and say that's the way Namco meant to play the game, and don't improve anything. I swear if it was something simple we might already make a patch.

Quote from: yuyu19790520 on May 15, 2022, 10:49:34 AM
I don't know this game compressed? I just want to be able to extract the script.

Unfortunately there is no script to extract, the text is embedded in images, so there is no simple way to get the a text file out of it. When we'll release the tool I promise it will be easier to work with the game.


Oh okay now I understand.. so it means it can't be solved easily, but thanks for checking 👍


Btw how the translation patch is going? I was just wondering 😌.


Sorry, I didn't get the notification about your message!

It's going pretty well, our testers are working on the game, and they reported dozens of fix (typos, inconsistencies, etc).

We work regularly on this project, I hope to release it by the end of 2022 or at least in the first months of the new year.