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Chip & Dale II (NES)

Started by retro_hun, December 27, 2021, 11:42:26 AM

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I found the game's font, but I can't find the script. It doesn't seem to be using DTE.

It might be just Capcom being Capcom, since their way of encrypting stuff is usually more I can chew on :(
Can you help me, explaining what's going on?


It seems that 00-7F are letters, 80-FC are words from dictionary, FD-FF are control bytes.


Oh, my God  ::)

I always used the PPU viewer for creating my table. Never crossed my mind that it can lie. Also yes, I'm familiar with the "PPU memory" tool, it just never occured to me to use it that way  :banghead:

Thank you for heads up!
Cheers!  :beer: