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Password Castlevania II-Vengeance to Hell

Started by Dreamer, November 23, 2021, 09:48:06 AM

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Il me semble qu'il existe un password pour Castlevania II Vengeance to hell qui permet de continuer le jeu et de ne pas revenir à l écran d'introduction après l'arrivée de la nuit. Pouvez-vous me transmettre celui-ci ou m'indiquer le lien du password. J'ai pour l'instant , un password qui fonctionne ou le fouet devient de flamme.


It seems that a password existing for castlevania II Vengeance to Hell who can permit to continuate the game and
don't return to the windows after the arrive of night. Can you transmit this or indicate were is the password. For the momemt, i have a password were the whip became in flame.


This is the primary Castlevania recreation that permits the participant to shop their development the use of a password system. The participant can both begin a brand new recreation or input a password. This password is supplied after they have misplaced all their lives in a preceding consultation and selected now no longer to continue. The password is a chain of letters that may be used to reconstruct what objects the participant had and in which they died. It does now no longer shop the wide variety of Hearts the participant had, as they mechanically lose all their Hearts after they run out of lives.