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Metroid Operation Execution Discussion

Started by lexluthermiester, November 15, 2021, 06:19:55 PM

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This thread is being created to be a place of discussion for this project.
The project page is found here;

To begin there needs to be reported a number glitches.

The first is when the statues are ready for recharge, the energy animation is glitched.

The second is a soft-lock situation, when returning from Crateria to Brinstar, the lift/elevator screen transition freezes and can not be unfrozen.

There is no other way out of Crateria except by the elevator(that I have found). So once at Crateria, the player is stuck there.

Users should feel free to report any other problems and the author(Roebloz) is invited to join the discussion so we can help put the polishing touches on what seems to be an awesome project!!

Is seems that an update has been posted, which slipped under my radar.


This should probably be in the ROM hacking forum for a thread not by the hack author(s).
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