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Update By: Messianic

Ever wanted to play a version of EB that wasn't childishly easy?
Where the colors weren't odd, the translation was more accurate to the Japanese, and the game was improved in EVERY way? How about not having to juggle all of Jeff's tools in his tiny inventory, or having animations for ALL the PSI and not just some? How about being able to teleport to Happy Happy Village and Dusty Dunes Desert?


Mother 2 Deluxe version 2.0 adds TONS to the game from the VERY old 1.31 version hosted here previously. Just a few new features:

- Enemies given AI to do way more than just 4 attacks, bosses can even detect status ailments and heal them off or use Lifeup on themselves when low HP!
- Jeff has his own menu with his special Tools to not clog up his inventory, similar to Duster in Mother 3!
- Tons of new battle animations added for PSI that never had any, as well as for Jeff's Tools and a few enemy moves!
- Your Sanctuary locations Lilliput Steps, Milky Well, Magnet Hill, and Pink Cloud will grow in power the longer you wait to tackle them, keeping at your relative power level!
- Brand new final dungeon after Gyiyg to tie Mother 2 and 3 together!
- Many new enemies added to the game for series consistency that were found in both Mother and Mother 3!

And much much more! (Check out the full change log in the README on the 2.0 ROMhack page)

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Beat this earlier this year !
Happy to see the project has been updated  ^_^"
This hack has a challenging start and does a nice job at changing a few items/weapons.
If you think you know the game or even think you are good...
Try out this hack to challenge yourself !

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