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MOTHER 2 DELUXE v2.0 (Earthbound hack)

Started by Messianic, November 07, 2021, 07:08:01 PM

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Hey there, Messianic here, the creator of the Earthbound ROMhack Mother 2 Deluxe.

I have neglected to update the M2DX patch here to the current version of 2.0 released this past February, and saw that the VERY old 1.31 was still here from like 6 years ago. I am correcting that now and opening up this topic for discussion as I am working on a 2.022 version due next year.

I am much more active on Discord, so if you have it, feel free to jump on the PKHack Discord at and then scroll down to the PROJECT CHANNELS and you will see mother-2-deluxe.

Link to the hack:


Awesome, really happy to see the project page updated !
Looking forward to next year's update.
The Discord has shown off a lot of interesting stuff  ^_^"
Again, thanks for adding lots of cool things to this game.

Pokemon Red 3DS-XL friend code : 1864-9639-1699 (Zeheart)


Read only the changelog and didn't try the hack (yet). It sounds like a version that does not alter the difficulty too much, but gives all the cool new features would be very nice to have. Is there a chance that branching out into two patches would be possible? I guess it's mainly a question about the state of the hacking tools, and whether they allow to change these aspects separately but combinable, or not :)


The difficulty changes are very intertwined with a lot of other changes, such as PSI costs and when you learn them, enemy groups configurations, and the like. It would be extremely difficult for me to try to separate all that out as a stand alone patch.

The good news for you is one of the features that is already DONE for the next version is the ability to select GAME DIFFICULTY from the file menu (which also means you can load up an sram save to make things harder or easier), complete with a fully functional EASY MODE which is much closer to vanilla EB's difficulty level. There will also be a HARD MODE for the (very) few who after beating this hack may want an extra challenge. Here's a breakdown of what the difficulty modes actually do:

Normal: Standard difficulty for the hack.
Easy: Enemies damage is decreased in almost all circumstances, they will no longer use their most devastating attacks at all. Your Places auto-upgrading is disabled. HP/PP meters roll down slower.
Hard: Same as Normal except HP/PP meters roll down fast, and items are 2x as expensive!


geez the only thing missing from this is steam achievements lol


Would you be opposed to making older versions available somewhere? Kinda sucks that v1.31, which had been around forever, is now just... gone.


Older versions are super imbalanced and are lacking many features. I have no reason to keep those available. Why would you want that around anyway?


Hey everyone, it's been a bit silent here, and also getting on the Discord has been difficult due to raiders forcing mods to close down invites, but I thought this would be a good time to show off a major feature of the next (and hopefully final) patch.

Animated battle sprites!!

Also, a Key Item window will be added to help de-clutter certain items that do basically nothing but hog inventory space, especially with Ness!!


Woah, this is some super cool stuff.  Animated battle sprites... I didn't know how much this game needed them until I saw this preview.


Lame question but can someone hand me a prepatched version of this game?



Can't wait for the new version, I don't do 2.0 yet since I would like to restart the game with the newest version, 2.022.

Thank you very much for the mods team effort.


No matter how many roms i try to patch, EBP will not make a good rom of this. You should just make a IPS or BPS.


Quote from: hsialin on February 07, 2022, 06:05:28 AM
No matter how many roms i try to patch, EBP will not make a good rom of this. You should just make a IPS or BPS.

If you are using Snes9x that would be the problem, only a special version of that emu can run my hack. Try looking online for this:


Or better yet try using Mesen-S or BSNES emulators as they seem to be the most hardware accurate.


hi!! i absolutely love your hack is so well done and translated to english but sadly im lvl 40 with Ness,Paula is lvl 34 , Jeff 35 and Pu 30 and i cant defeat the fourth santuary boss  :(
Do you have any tip please?


Quote from: makoearthboundnerd on February 09, 2022, 09:34:02 PM
Do you have any tip please?

Wait, how are you at the 4th Sanctuary boss with Pu? You don't get him till AFTER that point in the game. Are you referring to Plague Rat (5th), or Lightning & Storm (6th)?


Hey there, I'm very interested in M2D after getting the bug to play Earthbound again with it hitting the Switch. Could I get an invite to the discord? I know the normal open invite links have been discontinued due to raiders


Quote from: Messianic on February 11, 2022, 11:03:41 PM
Wait, how are you at the 4th Sanctuary boss with Pu? You don't get him till AFTER that point in the game. Are you referring to Plague Rat (5th), or Lightning & Storm (6th)?
YEAH , sorry my bad


Lots of sweet QoL upgrades coming to the hack