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CEP 0.2.4 Tool ?

Started by shadow501, October 30, 2021, 03:07:49 PM

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Hi  :)

This is program support PSX and other system like SNES9x an ZSNESW..etc, Named CEP 0.2.4 Tool

I have before like this is tool but else and support NES,Gen,SNES..etc, I forgot name tool ?

If anyone have idea about this is tool, I will would be greatly appreciated.


Sounds like a memory scanning cheat tool that attaches to external processes.

Emuhaste is probably the most well known of these in some circles. Artmoney in others. Cheat Engine goes through ups and downs but usually appears in such discussions. Scanmem, GameConqueror, Bit Slicer, iHaxGamez and Squalr.
There are paid options too. Similarly many hex editors will allow you to attach to an external process and dump memory from that (to say nothing of debuggers in general) which you can feed to further things.

If you like the program mentioned I would also have a look to see if you can define a new program in it -- all the emulator specific ones do is find where in that build the game's/emulated system's memory is located and set its window to that (can and likely will change between versions of an emulator but will usually be left clear so things can fiddle with it).


Thanks for info FAST6191  ;)