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Two player mode in Mighty Final Fight

Started by Cris1997XX, October 20, 2021, 03:57:15 PM

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Hello everyone! I've always wondered...well, the subject says it all. Mighty Final Fight is a pretty great game, much better than the SNES port of the original game for sure. But I'm curious to know if it'd be possible to add a two player mode in the game. The sprites are relatively small compared to other NES beat 'em ups, and Double Dragon 2 already managed to pull it off (The mapper is also older, IIRC). But I'm not tech savvy enough, so I want to hear your opinion on this lol


Here's a two player hack of Mighty Final Fight, snag it at the link below.

Enjoy. ;)


I would assume the OP wants a co-op game like arcade FF and FF2/3.

Not this sort of bizarre VS. mode that it sounds like posted hack turns the game into.
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Corpse Grinder made such 2p hack, but it appears that it was made for a modified emulator only.
No idea what the current project status is, and where to download this hack. You can try to contact the author.

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