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Author Topic: Relocalizing the spell names from Lennus (SFC)  (Read 861 times)


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Relocalizing the spell names from Lennus (SFC)
« on: October 19, 2021, 04:28:59 pm »
Hi all, I'm looking for some help with how to tackle relocalizing this game's spell list. As far as I know, the Lennus 2 translation team kept them romanized as-is, but I was mainly looking to get a sense of why they are what they are, i.e. if there's any inherent meaning to native Japanese players.  I know very little about the Dragon Quest series but it seems like these are possibly meant to be a reference to that series?

The official English we got just used the in-game descriptions to name the spells for what they literally do (FireS for single target, FireG for groups, DFup, DFdown, etc.) but I was hoping to flex more creative muscle than that. I definitely notice certain patterns (all the buffing spells start with バイ, most spells that target the entire battlefield start with ダイ, fire = ズ, lightning = ケ, etc.) and some English words creeping in ("bakku", for both the attack-back spells) so it would be easy to come up with my own naming patterns based on that, depending on whether they are meant to represent some actual concept in Japanese or if they are just chosen on a whim.

Here is the full spell list with the spirit/element breakdown and a description of what it does. Any guidance is appreciated!

(天空) ボベレクス - Teleports the party to the most recently visited town
(天) ボベクス - Teleports the party out of a dungeon
(土空) バイダデル - Increase attack power
(土玉) バイダドム - Increase attack speed
(土水) バイシサダー - Creates a barrier that soaks a number of physical attacks
(天玉) バイモモボー - Increase magic defense
(水) バイシス - Increase physical defense
(心水) カモナネス - Call/hire a previously hired mercenary
(光水) クレジセク - Causes confusion
(土心) ダダネスト - Sacrifices the caster, healing party members with their remaining HP
(土光) ダデケス - Cures paralysis and confusion
(土) ダデス - Cures poison
(空玉) ダウンレロム - Halves an enemy's defense
(天水) ダイシソボン - Damages enemies with a windstorm (hits larger area as spirits level up)
(心玉) ダイナネモン - Damages enemies with crushing pressure (doesn't always work)
(天土) ダイボバドン - Damages non-flying enemies with earth (hits larger area as spirits level up)
(心光) ダイケカノン - Instantly kills enemies (doesn't always work)
(火光) ガスズゼコン - Damages enemies with an explosion (can be avoided)
(光) ケカン - Damages an enemy with lightning
(光空) ケケルン - Damages an enemy group with lightning
(光天) ケコボン - Damages all enemies with lightning
(空) レラン - Damages an enemy with "breakage"
(空水) レリスン - Damages an enemy group with "breakage"
(空心) レラノン - Damages all enemies with "breakage"
(玉光) モメカバック - Reflects magical attacks back at casters for half damage
(玉水) モミソゴーン - Damages enemies with a snowstorm
(玉) モムロック - Stuns enemies
(天心) ナノバック - Reflects physical attacks back at attackers for half damage
(火心) ナズトラ - Steals an enemy's HP
(心) ナンエネミ - Prevents random enemy encounters for a short period of time
(火水) シスザン - Instantly kills an enemy
(土火) タンズザード - Causes enemies to focus their attacks on the caster
(火) ズザン - Damages an enemy with fire
(火空) ズゼロゴーン - Damages all enemies with a heatwave
(火玉) ズゾムン - Damages an enemy group with fire
(火天) ズゾボン - Damages all enemies with fire
(火玉光空天水心土) ゾンド - Damages an enemy with pure spirit (non-elemental)


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Re: Relocalizing the spell names from Lennus (SFC)
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2021, 01:10:54 pm »
These names are just like the Dragon Quest naming, where you get a prefix obvious like "モム" with random word suffix "ロック" (lock), but it always seems to fall within some meaning while DQ loves interjections and word play. I think you can bring something obvious from most stuff, like "2trough", "2early", "Zaboom"...