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Updating Genesis Game Genie converter

Started by Tony H, February 26, 2023, 02:26:32 PM

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Tony H

Making several improvements to an old Genesis Game Genie code conversion program.

Screenshot above shows the original program (version 1.0).
Currently available here on RHDN:

This screenshot shows the new version (version 1.1).

Improvements so far:

* Rewrote everything from scratch.

* No longer need the dll file.

* The "Up\Down" buttons are dual function.  Holding down the button will make the value automatically keep increasing/decreasing, and if you hold it down longer than 2 seconds, the speed will increase.  A regular click will make it increase/decrease one at a time.

* The insert buttons are also dual function.  If you click them once, it will insert the first value shown.  If you keep clicking it, it will cycle through and insert the other values listed.  The values shown are popular replacement instructions (NOP/RTS/Branch).

* The 'Use even addresses' option is for the Up/Down ROM address buttons.  Genesis ROM address should be even numbered, so it's best to leave this option checked.

* The ROM size limit is 0xEFFFFF.  Limit on the old version was 0x3FFFFF.

* Larger font for everything.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make it better, let me know.
The Code Hut:

Game Genie codes and ROM hacking guides

Tony H


Also added a couple Copy/Paste buttons to make it easier to get your Game Genie codes to and from the Windows clipboard.
The Code Hut:

Game Genie codes and ROM hacking guides