Translations: Puyo Puyo 7 Wii - Full New English Translation!

Started by RHDNBot, October 14, 2021, 01:48:43 PM

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Update By: Saetta06

A new translation for Puyo Puyo 7! Now in its Wii quality with voiced cutscenes and better graphics!

This patch was planned to be a port of the DS one, but upon porting the text, we've encountered bad translations, localizations and most importantly made-up dialogues that was never there in first place! That made fans think some stuff was actually canon...

About 80% of the story has been retranslated, and all school lessons have been rewritten too!

I recommend checking it out if you previously played the DS patch!

RHDN Project Page

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Red Soul

Accuracy is always welcome so kudos to the authors for this one.
Hopefully this better script gets backported to the DS version at some point, too.


Nice to have the console version of the game translated, makes playing Puyo Puyo 7 with friends far easier! In terms of made up dialogue, was there any particular egregious lines completely against character personalities you could mention, or was it mainly just made up story beats?


Translator of this patch here!

There are no plot beats that are made up in the DS patch, but the team behind that old patch apparently found it fit to rewrite, like, 90% of the story-mode victory quotes from scratch, actively inserting conversations that never canonically happened.

The most notable example:
A couple of Klug's and Lemres' victory lines in their optional battle were repurposed in the DS patch to have them discuss Possessed Klug, when this never happens canonically in the game. The DS patch thus treats Klug's Mega form reusing Possessed Klug's art as Klug actually getting possessed again, when the Japanese version just treats it as a visual gag and nothing else. This has incorrectly driven Klug's possession counter up by one for the western fandom (he actually does get possessed again repeatedly in other canonical supplementary material, but not in 7)

For a more story-relevant difference, the DS patch insisted on making Dark Arle/Ecolo sound like a serious, mature-minded villain, when this isn't at all how the character is portrayed in Japanese, where he is just as play-minded and childish as in every other game he appears in. Accordingly, I retranslated almost all of his lines to make him sound more like himself, namely, how he's portrayed in the Japanese script.

Other changes:
*) Needless references to characters that don't appear in this game that the DS patch added were removed (references that were already there in the JPN script stayed)

*) Outdated memes that dated the DS patch were removed.

*) In the DS patch, many lines of Ringo snarking at how crazy everything happening around her is were changed to her instead complaining about the nature of the game of Puyo itself. All of those were reverted, except for a single instance where it actually fit the original intent. They ran counter to her original portrayal as someone who actually really enjoys playing (and winning) Puyo Battles.

*) A line in the DS patch that could unfortunately be retroactively be interpreted as a Rick and Morty meme of all things was changed to something else.

*) The DS patch had Amitie's dialogue full of Fever1-isms. I maintained as many of them as possible, because they're cute and suit the character, but had to revert a bunch to make the character sound more like herself. The DS patch unfortunately made her sound a lot more sassy and a lot less cute than she was intended to be.

*) Added fish puns to Suketoudara's dialogue whenever he uses his fish-verbal-tick in Japanese. Yes, you may punch me for this, feel free.

*) Removed a bunch of jokes the DS translation added that threw the pacing of the game even further for a loop than it already throws itself.

*) Restored two references to 15th Anniversary in Satan's dialogue that somehow ended up lost in the DS patch, weirdly enough.

*) Changed characters' names' to their current official English spelling (Satan excluded, since his full name in Japanese is "The Dark Prince, Satan", so we don't count what the official translation did as an actual "name change". They just refuse to use his given name, that's all.)

*) Reworded Schezo's scenes to maintain the puns in them better + be closer to how the English fandom knows the character.

*) Reworded a lot of dialogue to flow better in English.

*)KEPT a bunch of very iconic lines from the DS translation that didn't interfere with the apparent authorial intent of the game! ("Son of a digit!", "What the factor!", "Are you out of your vector??")

Ooookay, this is all I can think off off-the-cuff, but I'm sure there's more! If you wanna know all the differences, a bunch of people are already planning to make comparison videos, so look forward to those! I also streamed the entire patch on my youtube channel and spoke about my retranslation process as I did, so feel free to check that out for EXCESSIVE detail:


Thanks! It's really an amazing work, but at the same time it's pretty strange to discover how the DS translation had lots of made up dialogs.
This means that the same thing happen in the 15th anniversary patch too?


Quote from: SilverM on November 07, 2021, 05:14:36 AM
Thanks! It's really an amazing work, but at the same time it's pretty strange to discover how the DS translation had lots of made up dialogs.
This means that the same thing happen in the 15th anniversary patch too?

Late reply, but yeah, the 15th translation as some misleading translations in there as well (though less than with 7, as far as I remember). I would tackle that one for retranslation as well, if it wasn't such a long game...