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Started by minucce, September 29, 2021, 10:55:18 PM

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Oh my gosh! Completely forgot about that hack. It's "shipped" but not "finished"; still usable I guess. :)

Sure, go right ahead!
(I wasn't able to fix many slowdowns, just the easier ones)


*snip* (Problem resolved elsewhere)


Hey Minucce!

I'm working on a Zelda II hack, and i have a few things I want to get accomplished, and I wonder if you can make these things happen! Here are the things I want to get accomplish, and I will pm you in more detail.

1: Change the "Jump" spell from a high jump to a double jump.

2: Change the "Fire" spell to be a larger fireball.

3. Change the Title Screen

4: Completely change the final boss fight.
Trust in the Heart of the Cards


Hey Minucce,

Sorry to turn this into a quasi "request" thread.  But I tried to PM you but it wont go through.  I've launched a discord with most of the GB colorizers and I think you should join.  Please send me a PM, since I'm keeping it private.

It's really created a nice environment for folks to bounce ideas and knowledge off each other, and I think it's escalated quite a few of these projects.

Personally, I'd love for you to 'Fluffy Repair Service' the Wario Land 3 DX patch, since it's buggy and has so much potential.


is no longer available, therefore the minucce service hack can't be used to anyone just discovering it.