Zelda 2 Adventure of Link 35th Anniversary Edition (NES ROM hack)

Started by Jean-Claude Van Damme, September 27, 2021, 06:23:58 PM

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What character NOT present in the original version of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link would you like to see put in the 35th Anniversary Edition

19 (39.6%)
King Darmani III
7 (14.6%)
The mask salesman
10 (20.8%)
One of the champions
3 (6.3%)
5 (10.4%)
Other (please post suggestion)
4 (8.3%)

Total Members Voted: 48


Quote from: Jean-Claude Van Damme on September 27, 2021, 06:23:58 PM
Hi, I'm new and this is my first ROM hack. I've been working on it for maybe a year or so now. I don't know much at all about the coding portion of stuff. All I really know how to do currently is change my color palettes. I'd like to learn as much as possible and with the Anniversary of Zelda coming in November, I figured I should start posting a few things and get a little feedback from the community to hopefully speed up the process. For now my plans are just for a basic graphics hack. updating all the sprites and animations. My hopes, however, are to find people that might want to help with an even better version for the Anniversary of the actual game next year.

I suppose when I said "Basic Graphics Hack" it was a bit misleading. I'm a professional animator (not just a guy who says he is  :laugh:) The reason I chose this game specifically to hack is because I knew what was wrong with it, AND, I knew how to fix it. Just took me about 3 months of pushing little squares around to come up with a sprite of link I was happy with before I was able to start the animations. My Goals (for Link) were:

1. Fix Link's walk cycle... (but, what's wrong with the way link walks???  :huh:) I just can't look at his walk and NOT think to myself, "It looks like he's stepping over dog turds"! Well, I've fixed that. No more river dancing for link.

2. It was important for me to "Clearly" represent the following things in links sprite
     - Links Hat
     - His Pointy Ears
     - Link's Sword & Shield
     - Perhaps the most important, Link's hair (Had to be blonde)

3. Actual Animations! Not just, "Let's go ahead and take this little sword bit thingy here and tack it on to the duck and viola!!! we have a slash! No sir! He has a real slash now! Oh!!! And about the sword...

4. Make the sword look awesome!

5. And this is by far my absolute favorite addition, Hands down... Facial expressions! I got Link doing a different expression for every attack he has. Gone are the days of his stoic gaze! He's got a grimace for every occasion!

In addition to changing link I've changed a few other things as well. Updated the townsfolk and turned the deelers into skulltula and other fun stuff. Like I said, I dont know much about coding but I know a ton about animation. So I'm using certain animation tricks to make stuff work. I cant move tiles or reassign anything so I've doing everything within the constraints of the program as it is currently, exploiting any opportunity the original dev team missed to squeeze a little more out of the character designs and animations.

One thing I'd love to have someone help me with, is the white eyes trick. I'd LOVE to make that happen! I've saved a blank link sprite to do it with just got NO clue how and this is the only thing I was able to find on it at all.


Anyways... That's enough talking. Here's a couple Screens for now. Sometime tomorrow or Wednesday, I'm gonna some gameplay for you guys to take a look at. Thanks for your help and I appreciate any feedback.


Any chance of a demo rom hack for now? One that just changes Link, a patch that is compatible with the others already out there that prefer your artwork to the vanilla ones :)


Posting my suggestion of what character to add to your zelda game. It should be The Mad Batter. I think he needs his own game really. Because how powerful is he really??