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Printfox/Pagefox bitmaps
« on: September 28, 2021, 05:45:31 am »
I'm wondering if there are any modern programs that can read Printfox/Pagefox files.
A game I'm hacking apparently uses this format for background images.
I'd like to avoid having to track down this software and run it in a C64 emulator, but I fear the format might just be too old...
I've tried Irfanview, Xnview, Gimp and others.

Edit: I was able to emulate Pagefox and came to the conclusion that it couldn't have been used to make these images. It can't even do color, let alone 640x400. The game isn't even for C64. I used TrIDNet file identifier which gave me a 100% positive, so I thought it was my best bet, but it must be wrong. I'm sure it's some kind of bitmap format from the early 90s, but not from this software.
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