Folllowed a tutorial on adding intro, running into problem (SNES)

Started by —, September 24, 2021, 10:14:47 PM

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I wanted to display an image on my SNES, and found this tutorial ( I first used a different ROM but after getting a broken image I decided to use the exact same ROM  and addresses as in the tutorial, making sure along the way that they were identical and that it was in fact the same ROM.

Rather than properly displaying the image provided in the tutorial, the same thing happened and higan displayed a glitched version of it:

The image provided by the tutorial:

My result:

Here's the code:

Admittedly, I know very little about ASM and I don't understand much of the logic aside from the comments in the code. I'm pretty certain that the image was formatted correctly— MediaInfo confirms that it is GIF 87a with 256 colors.

Any help would awesome!


Have you tried that the premade example works?

It looks like you're working on an example from 2006.
As I recall, SNES emulators then still weren't enforcing VRAM access limits. I think it was like another year or two before byuu really pushed for/finished that long-needed accuracy update in the emulation scene.
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