The Legend Of Zelda (NES) translation in Ancient Greek, language not available

Started by MikeGRTran5lation5, August 23, 2021, 07:09:16 AM

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DISCLAIMER: I'm still a newbie here, so, if I'm off-topic, excuse me :)

Hello everyone,
Recently, I wanted to learn to translate ROMs in different languages, mainly from English, since I don't know any Japanese. I saw that The Legend of Zelda (NES) was available here in my mother language (Greek) and in a classical-dead language I'm really fond of, in Latin. So, I considered producing a translation in Ancient Greek. The translation is at last ready and playable, based on the Greek version of Tasos500 here; the only untranslated text is the one which says: PLEASE LOOK UP THE MANUAL FOR DETAILS (in Modern Greek ΠΑΡΑΚΑΛΩ ΔΙΑΒΑΣΕ ΤΙΣ ΟΔΗΓΙΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΛΕΠΤΟΜΕΡΕΙΕΣ); it's on tiles, so, as I'm still a newbie in tile editing, I couldn't do more.

Anyways, I wanted to submit my translation here, on Romhacking, since here was the first place I learnt about ROM translation. But an Ancient Greek language option isn't available. I tried contacting Staff, but my mail can't be sent, because the system thinks I'm a spammer (even if I haven't done anything yet here). The only option available here is Greek, which really means Modern Greek.

~~ Could anyone help me with the missing language? I don't know what to do. Should I upload it tagged as Greek, instead? Can a new language be added? Or could anyone else contact Staff in lieu of me? ~~


I would probably put it as Greek.
I don't imagine there would be a huge number of submissions specifically for Ancient Greek, and I don't think it would be too different than if someone decided to make a number of Old English translations (I assume we'd count those as English).
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I would just add in the Translation Description that it is based on Ancient Greek, while selecting Greek. Although they should allow the option to add a new Language from the dropdown.

On the subject of languages, it's strange that Spanish isn't separated into Spanish Latin and Spanish Europe. Unlike English, there are major differences between the two:
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