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Patching SNES Roms in Linux? (Command Line)

Started by qohelet, August 13, 2021, 11:42:57 AM

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I'm using Ubuntu and an EmulationStation on my Raspberry. As some of the Hacks require a patching before I'm somewhat stuck as there is not too much information on how to do it on Linux (preferably command line).
Floating IPS and Lunar IPS are for Windows and both with a GUI - what would you recommend in Linux to patch SNES (zip/smc)-Games?
Also, in order to make sure the files are not corrupted, are there alternatives for ROMclean for Linux?

From my own research I can see there's UniPatcher (which is according to its Git-Page for Android),, Lazy IPS and YADP - for all of these the documentation is not that great. Most were released more than five years ago.

Is there anyone who has tried one of them recently? I'm especially curious for games like Yoshi's Ultimate Island ( - which doesn't state which original ROM it requires or NEW SMW2 - Yoshi's Island (, which does state it but not how.

Thank you!


We do have an online patcher that many people use if you can open a browser in your Pi:

I guess it would also be good to learn how to do it via the terminal, but I don't know that off hand.



Just have, patch and rom in the same directory and use the command (for python3):

python3 patch.ips rom.smc and you're good to go.


I also settled on for this. In my case the killer feature was being able to throw a list of sub patches in a shell script as I work on my hack.

If anyone knows of a CLI tool for creating patches, I'm all ears.


I prefer to use something local as I try to connect my RPi as little to the internet as possible. Also there is currently no browser installed. Also - as this is done by a web-service I presume there is some kind Linux-Command running on the Server. (Webservers are very very rarely running windows. The Post-Request triggers some kind of batch-sequence but from outside it's not possible to tell)

How is your experience so far? Ever had any problems? Also, is there any way to verify the result?

What do you mean with a tool that can create Patches?


Dr. Dreadhawk

Quote from: qohelet on August 18, 2021, 01:46:02 PM
That looks awesome. Just what I was looking for. How's your experience with it?
It's the only patcher I use (for anything other than xdelta3 and occasionally PPF3) and never lets me down. It's really easy to build and has GUI support for people who prefer it. Alcaro is regularly working on it. It's great.

Quote from: qohelet on August 13, 2021, 11:42:57 AM
Also, in order to make sure the files are not corrupted, are there alternatives for ROMclean for Linux?

ROMclean has source code that can be built on Linux -I don't use it, though.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

I find ucon64 very useful and works on Linux (cli and GUI). I recommend the latest snapshot.


@Dr. Dreadhawk

Thank you for the helpful advice