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Author Topic: Tetris 2 (SNES) - Raising the limit for the \"1Pvs2P\" mode (I need some help)  (Read 286 times)


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I am trying to raise the level select in the verses screen to 70, instead of 15. I have found the address of the selected value in memory, but I haven't had any luck finding the actual value that the game is checking against when the player tries to go up a level. I've attempted using HxD on the ROM, but with no sort of idea where I should be looking, I've had no luck.

Address 7E0647 is the value for 1P's level selection.

I presume the value I will be looking for in the rom's data will be 14 (or 0E) (counting starts at 0) (assuming the game checks less than that value to be able to increase the selected value)

Any tips on ways to find the address for the value I want to change? I don't think I can use the Cheat Search since that only checks RAM (Unless I'm mistaken)?

P.S. Someone found a code for the Player 1 mode to remove the level cap and it is "849B00=50"

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I found the addresses by brute forcing it.

849B14=01 (P1 Remove Level Restriction (1Pvs2P))
849B67=01 (P2 Remove Level Restriction (1Pvs2P))

These 2 codes will remove the cap for the level selection in vs mode. Levels over around 75 will crash the game, but below that will run/play just fine.

I made some safer codes. These will raise the level cap to 80, instead of just completely removing the level cap. My testing shows any selected level over 80 will result in a crash, so this should prevent accidental crashes. You need all 4 codes or it will not work.

849B18=4F (P1 Level Select Cap Max)
849B13=4F (P1 Level Selection Max)
849B6F=4F (P2 Level Select Cap Max)
849B6A=4F (P2 Level Selection Max)
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