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Author Topic: Translations: English Translation of Kaitou Saint Tail on the Game Gear Released  (Read 2213 times)


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Update By: filler

Announcing the unofficial English translation patch for Kaitou Saint Tail on the Game Gear, released and fully playable! Based on the manga/anime of the same name. When the dillema of fake gems sold as genuine is brought to Seira Mimori's attention, she and Meimi Haneoka (as Saint Tail) are tasked with replacing the forgeries with the real deals. Traverse a map avoiding guards and collecting magic cards to break into people's mansions and play a series of mini-games to swap out gems. Once you've swapped all 5, play one final mini-game to make your grand escape from Daiki Asuka, a.k.a. Asuka Jr., who is hot on your heels.

Presented by Filler, Taskforce, and Recca. This project was the incentive for diving deeper into technical aspects of translation hacking for both Filler and Taskforce. Filler coded his first general purpose script dumper, and Taskforce performed his first graphics decompression and recompression among a handful of other assembly hacks. While a significant project for the staff on the technical side, the game itself is a brief but charming mini-game collection featuring copious digitized voice samples. The staff hope that the Saint Tail fans out there get a kick out of playing this game in English for the very first time.

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Congratulations on the release! This was a short, but fun game to play through. Definitely not a bad way to spend one's time on an afternoon playing. It's also always nice to see more Game Gear titles getting translated. Well, more games getting translated in general. Great work on this to both Filler and Taskforce! :thumbsup:
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Game Gear translations are very sweet, especially if you're into classic animes. (Yu Yu Hakusho! ::) )

I swear I could pay for Yu Yu Hakusho games to be translated(Game Gear, Mega Drive, SNES).

Thank you for another finished project! :cookie::thumbsup:
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Why do Game Gear games look so good in screenshots?
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'Cause GG was a really cool visuals' console.  Sadly it wasn't nicely planned and then GB won the battle.

Congrats for another great release, guys! (especially filler, the GG Tamer :thumbsup: )


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'Cause GG was a really cool visuals' console.

It really is. The expanded color pallet allows games to look much more like Genesis/Mega Drive games rather than Master System/MKIII games at times. There are some real lookers on the system. I've been meaning to try putting together a list of like "10 games that will make you fall in love with the Game Gear", but I really need to play some more stuff for it.

Thanks for all the congrats!