SMB JAM - A hosted competition dedicated to SMB1 Hacking!

Started by Eden.GT, August 16, 2021, 11:47:57 AM

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Under the 5th year celebration of our SMB1 Hacking support server, lately we have been organising a 3-day event devoting towards a community contest with SMB Hacking under a rated point system.
These 2 days are reserved towards gathering of members- the actual event takes place between 18th to 20th of August. Regarding the theme of the hack it remains FREEFORM- feel free to submit any sort of creation! Me and another person will be taking the judging of each submission individually based on levels, graphics, music and ASM changes to pick the top 3 winners.
For more information as well as catering towards the guidelines and submissions overall, please check out it here:
Is the pool clean?