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Super Mario World 32 (SMW+ Hack, first project)

Started by hodgermccodger, August 15, 2021, 08:48:15 AM

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I'd like to share my progress with a project I've called "Super Mario World 32: The Sands of Time". This is a SMW hack but the novelty is it includes snippets of other games. A video is provided below, followed by some explanations.

Firstly, I should acknowledge that in putting this together I have relied on the work of others, including many patches and graphics made available at SMW central.

Secondly, this is a rough demo of the first few levels for the game. I'm very new to this and I've not had the time or skill to make them as they are in my head, and I've had to completely cheat with the music to give a sense of what I'm aiming for. I'm quite confident that there is the potential to make a good game, and I'm looking for more experienced people who might be interested in collaborating- every little helps, so please let me know if you're interested.

The idea is the game would include three storylines
The A Plot- The Mario Story. This is the traditional Mario searches for missing Princess Peach and looks across 8 worlds to find her story- drawing a bit on Twin Peaks- this makes up the bulk of the levels (not as gimmicky as the demo suggests).
The B Plot- The Murder Mystery. This involves inns (and Bomberman) levels- in each of the 8 worlds there are inns of some description where you speak to NPCs (e.g the saloon in the video). There is a non-linear element to this- the people in the inn experience time in reverse- in world 1, events in the inn reflect the end of the story, in world 8 events reflect the beginning and so on. This is used to present Mario with clues to solve a murder mystery.
The C Plot- Memories of a Wario World game. This involves Wario, SMK races, and his recollections of an old (fictional) Wario SNES game which you play snippets of. This story line is more of an adventure/romance, and draws somewhat on The Great Gatsby.

I've called it Super Mario World 32 because when I first heard Super Mario 64 was coming out I thought "I've only played 1 and 2, imagine what Super Mario 32 or 28 is like". This sense of wonder about there being a whole unexplored world of Mario SNES games is something I wanted to try to capture in this hack.

Some screenshots below