Help with porting Mega Man 4 music to Mega Man 5

Started by AVIX64, August 12, 2021, 11:53:03 PM

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I'm currently trying to replace Napalm Man's theme with Skull Man's theme as I'm theming Napalm Man's stage after Skull Man's, however I can't figure out how to import into MM5 properly. I found out where the music data is for both songs by using FCEUX's Code/Data Logger, then I copied the music data from MM4 and then pasted it over Napalm Man's music data on a fresh MM5 copy, but the song was beyond broken (it switches over to Gyro Man's theme after a few seconds and is missing a ton of notes). I figure that this is because I didn't change the Square 1/Square 2/Triangle/Noise pointers, but I've been messing with those settings for a while and haven't gotten anywhere (I even tried to copy the pointers from the original Skull Man music data with no luck).


If you are just copy-pasting data from 4 to 5, it means you are assuming that both games use the exact same sound engine. If that's really the case with these games, you only need to change pointers inside that music data, for example a pointer to jump at the beginning of the channel data for an infinite loop.


Have you tried to locate when the song changes to Gyro Man's?