(Genesis) shamefully asking for some directions... (palette issue)

Started by pArL, August 11, 2021, 11:46:39 PM

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Hello, I finally decided to log here. (I hope I'm making this thread in the appropriate place).

I think rom hacking is such an interesting endeavor, so I decided to give it a try for my favorite system (Genesis).

I was hesitant to ask but since I read a lot of very helpful interactions with newbies here I decided to also seek guidance. I'm not very technical inclined, but I managed to make use of Hivepal, TM/TLP and several emulators for debugging to edit graphics and palettes.

My problem comes with a specific game, Batman Returns, in which both version I have (one as a cart) have things that are puzzling me.

First rom (world): Has several duplicated palettes (I have 11 different offsets in Hivepal, all with the same 16 colors) and just 2 or 3 of them change the colors (of Batman, he), but only in some cutscenes, never in the actual gameplay.

Second rom (U): Appears different in Tile Layer Pro and in Hivepal. I also found the palettes here, but they appear all purple/pink in Hivepal, as shown here:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Are any of these difficulties I'm finding known?, is there anything I should know that could help me? I reached this point where I'm stuck but feeling so close to make this, I'm actually amazed I got this far to be honest.

Anyways, thanks in advance!


Duplicated palettes is nothing outrageous -- I once had a DS game have little reaction character animations but each frame of the animation had its own palette. I would not necessarily expect to see it much on the megadrive but changing tiles, changing palettes, changing location/scale/rotation/flip on screen... they are the big three methods of 2d animations.

Not entirely sure what the second question is heading towards. Never heard of hivepal either but that is not saying much of anything there (I have other tools for editing palettes). However if you ripped using ostensibly the same mode in both (for the same system, same location, same mode if there are sub types) then either one (or maybe both) has a bug. The hivepal image has a lot of colours though so I am not sure what it is displaying.



Well, I edited every single "duplicated" Batman palette in the rom and still the changes don't affect the main game beyond the intros.

The second thing I posted is a screen showing the main window of Hivepal over Tile layer Pro, to show I'm in both at the same hex offset, but in Hivepal the palette looks all pink.