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Batman Vs Predator Dump Not Working

Started by Tabs3121, February 06, 2020, 06:42:26 PM

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I Dumped the Batman Vs Predator rom hack, but I cant get it running on any nes emulator. Ive tried: lr-fceumm, lr--nestopia and lr-quickness. Can anybody help me figure out whats wrong?

I wanted to get this rom working on my Retropie. Preferably using lr-fceumm

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Ice Man

Pretty sure it's a hack of pacnsacdave and nothing special but a MMC3 cart.
Did you add a iNES header to the ROM?


I dumped it on to the Retro Freak, it works fine just had to rename the rom. What ever emulator RF use's works.


After years, it seems that a "good samaritan" has shared a 100% working rom of this hack:

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After playing it I must say that it has a lot of room for improvement: The game art is ripped off from other titles, except for a couple of them of arguable quality. The purple color is everywhere (text, images, sprites, HUD). A little facelift would be nice, but the idea stills rocks.