Other options to edit voices in Mario Party 1 and 2 for N64?

Started by ItsAndrewXP, August 09, 2021, 02:59:08 PM

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Using version 1.4 of the N64 Sound Tool (released Nov 19 2020), I was able to export Luigi and Wario's "Oh my god!" audio from Japanese version of Mario Party 1 in the known game "Mario Party (J) sfx" as WAV files.

I am interested in importing those into the US versions of Mario Party 1 and 2.

Unfortunately in the N64 Sound Tool, unlike when loading the known game "Mario Party (J)", there does not seem to be an option in this program to import my own audio.

Screenshot shows the US version of Mario Party 1. I have selected Wario's "Doh I missed" audio but am unable to import the "Oh my god" audio.

Additionally, I exported all of the "Mario Party 2 (U)" sound banks and listened to each sound but could not find any of the voice sound effects. They also were not present in "Mario Party 2 (U) sfx".

I downloaded HxD and am willing to manually edit the ROMs if I can.
I wasn't sure how to use a hex editor to change a sound file, though, since this isn't something as simple as editing the value of an RPG stat or something.

I understand that there likely isn't a simple solution to this problem, but if anyone is able to point me in the right direction I would be happy to put in the time to get this working.


Try contacting Zoinkity, he's a really good N64 ROM hacker, he might be able to help you on this.

That's great to hear that you're trying to restore them back to the American versions of both games.


Thanks for the response! I reached out in a PM and I hope he sees it!
It looks like he hasn't been active on the forums since 2020 so my fingers are crossed.


You're welcome.

Alright, you can also email him by clicking on the email icon of his profile, just in case.

Maybe with his help, you should also try and restore the original Western Land ending along with Professor Fungi's pipe for Mario Party 2 as well: https://tcrf.net/Mario_Party_2#Regional_Differences


Ah, I didn't even catch that. Thanks! I will email as well.

I wouldn't mind making those changes as well! I think it would be really cool to have an uncensored version of Mario Party 2 in English.

Definitely starting small with audio changes first though!
I'm a bit rusty on hex editing and was never really too advanced at it to begin with.