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Character mods in fighting games?

Started by Mechatiger891, August 08, 2021, 08:01:06 PM

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Of course we aren't talking about Smash character mods here because that already exists. What we're here to talk about is character modifications (to be a totally unrelated character but with the same moveset as that particular character) in 3D or 2D fighting games that were released in arcades or home consoles. Character customization features like from Soul Calibur and MUGEN are out of the question here despite characters being built off already existing characters. Bootlegs aren't allowed in this discussion either. We're talking about mods of already existing fighting games with totally unrelated characters added in or replacing. Some do exist already like Alphonse Elric in Guilty Gear Strive or SpongeBob in DBFZ or all those DOA (I think those exist) or Naruto Storm mods out there. One mod I'd like to see is Alph from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha in Bloody Roar, that would be awesome. That character could very well be in a fighting game. Of course it would be a mere cosmetic replacing Fox (entirely different character model but retaining her moveset) but it would be cool nonetheless. Imagine adding Goku to Street Fighter II, I know that's incredibly obvious for a pick but I thought it would be cool. How about Homer Simpson in Marvel vs. Capcom? Do those mods exist out here? Let me know.