Mega Man 3 Japanese Style Title Screen (for real)

Started by redmagejoe, August 05, 2021, 04:37:01 PM

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This got addressed in the Hacks Ideas thread, and I ended up sitting down and taking a stab at it to make this workable patch that is still lacking. It would be nice if this could be properly finished, but I kind of hit a brick wall. Currently, this patch must be loaded on top of a ROM with Kuja Killer's Mega Man 3 Improvement patch, but unlike the Title Screen patch on this site, this does not come with an old version of Kuja's patch baked in (which was the reason for attempting this). The title screen is suffering from a broken tile or two on the bottom left end of the "3".

Ideally, this patch would eventually work on a non-expanded ROM (probably the hardest part given changed addresses and pointers), but would then have to have a separate compatibility patch (one for Kuja versions, one for clean versions), and would have Kuja's re-added trademark and copyright text which I couldn't get to work.

If nothing else, this will at least serve to make the link easy to find for people who want it without digging through the Hack Ideas thread:

On a marginally related note, does anyone know why for Mega Man 4, this patch seems to make the 1 in the second "1991" vanish? The tile or text hasn't been altered, as according to the PPU Viewer and Nametable Viewer in FCEUX, it's "there". However, the 1 appears to have vanished when viewed in normal gameplay. I can't for the life of me figure what's causing this behavior.


I took a look at the Mega Man 4 issue again this evening, and I'm either too uninitiated on how PPU and Nametables work to figure out something obvious, or I'm just dumb. I still haven't got a clue why the 1 disappears.


Because there are some sprites on the screen, but you can't see them since their current palette is all black.

Rings any bells?


Oh geez. So they have the sprites displaying early. I'll have to see if I can find time to crack that open and address that.

Thank you for finding that Cyneprepou4uk!


As noted by the last post, I haven't had the time to dedicate to romhacking that I used to, so I wasn't able to address either the palette bug or making a standalone version of this. I'm hoping at least that what I started will be sufficient for others who may be interested in this.