Can someone make a english translation of final fantasy msx version

Started by MSXDESIGNER, July 31, 2021, 03:31:04 PM

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Playable on the msx emulator. I need someone to make a english translation of final fantasy msx version. Can someone do this and fix the glitch on final fantasy 2 snes rom file. \

When finish email me both the roms to [email protected]



You will have to dump the text into a script.
then people can translate it for you.
Idk if you can do the dump/insert part.


I'd love to translate MSX games like Final Fantasy, but when it comes to obscure platforms like the MSX, the tools out there tend to be awful... We have plenty of great emulator and tool options for the NES, but this is not the case for the MSX. Some of it comes down to interest, but it explains why there's just not that many Japanese computer translations.

That being said... some mad hatter was working on this game years ago and opted on compressing graphics by hand.

Also, being a port, the MSX version straight up uses the same text encoding. The dialogue region from the NES version is an exact match of this port. The pointers are a 100% match as well. It would only be a matter of porting the NES version's script over, changing the font, and adding a dictionary.