Might and Magic: Book One NEC PC-Engine CD Translation

Started by TiCo.KH, July 20, 2010, 01:12:50 PM

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I think that would be nice if you could re-design the borders (like how NES or MM2 or MM3 SNES versions had some borderless edges) and expand the overall window at the same time to eliminate extra black border zones. If you want to fit the full 14 or 15 characters, that's pretty how much you'd have to do it. I'm not sure how exactly you'll fit the whole spell names of up to 27 characters without some major re-design work though.

I'd be happy to go through all the in-game text on a play-through to verify the translations and help you out with that if you want to privately message me a link.


I done some screen redesign:



Now whole art is visible.

I revers engineered a lot of screen and string related function. Possible I can change totally how windows placed.
Only restriction the usable free space for data, without complex function calls re-pointer. :)

I also need some better lowercase 8x8 font, I didn't like this much.


This is looking very good! The default font for lower case letters is not great, but it's legible. It's certainly authentic to include the game's own font though.

It's truly fantastic to offer an even-better-than-original experience with full artwork displayed though!