Initial D Extreme Stage Possible Translation Updates

Started by amas, July 30, 2021, 05:17:34 PM

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Why Am I Doing This Post?

I am doing this post, because I want to share what I found inside the game, if someone will ever want to modify it, or finish the translation that froid san made, or anything else, the files are there just in case someone will ever want to do something with them.

I Just started watching the contents of the game Initial D Extreme Stage (BLJM60055), for the PS3.
Got inspired to do so, a few days ago, since I found a partial translation of the game made by froid san, and I thought I might as well take a look at the game itself, and maybe search some interesting things in the game.

Quite interesting things I found:

The important game files, are inside the folder USRDIR, we can find 2 folders, and the EBOOT.BIN.

The folders are: "data" and "media"

media: Due to some kind of "Bugs" I believe, or I don't really know, the AFS Explorer, developed by the WE-NG Team, makes all the .afs files contain files named blank.001,002 and so on...

I am pretty sure that the main .afs files that the folder media contains, are:

2d.afs (I believe they are .dds files, Mostly 2d things, like characters standing at the side of the road, trees and so on.)
.dds files can be opened using GIMP.

car.afs (Also containing .dds files, that contains the "Images" and textures to load, for each car (And also tuned pieces of each car, since the container has 4498 files in it). Which also means, that if I am right, they could be modified without problems by replacing the files inside the car.afs with the same name of the previous 'non-patched' file).

course.afs (Probably containing the common textures for all the routes of the entire game).

(Most likely to contain all the textures for each route, and some files for each folder of these, named "TEMP_SERVER_TO_CLIENT_CHARACTE", and CHARACTE is CHARACTE, no wrong typing).

inid4.afs (Contains audio files, and some .ybo files, not sure what they are, but just by typing .ybo file info on the browser, there is definitely a way to open those files).

inid4.ybo (I don't know).

movie.sfd (Pretty sure this is the opening that occurs every time you start the game, since .sfd files are movies).

race.afs (I don't know).

With all these files, the media folder is completed.

Going on to the folder named data, we can find:
Avatar (A folder, containing 2 files with the .avt extension. Of course, they are the 2 pictures shown when creating your own character, named man_256_fix_bis_full.avt and wmn_256_fix_bis_full).

CAR (With each folder containing the name of each car in the game, and some settings like: FOV tailing, and thickness. All folders, contain files like Tail, and Head, which mean in the case a car is following the other car, the effects of it, and so on).
Strange fact about all the car settings files: We can find a string, saying ";;auto generated by hmfPack.exe", and I have no idea what it means, since there is not any kind of hmfPack.exe.

comic00.dat (Most likely contains informations about the comic inside the game).

CONTENTS (Contains 2 photos, 1 for the game data, and another one for the Tuning options I believe).

COURSE (Contains 2 files, course.cfi and COURSE_DATA.ini. I don't know what course.cfi does, but COURSE_DATA.ini contains ALL THE DATA, ABOUT THE ROUTES/COURSES. Possible translation of a lot of things, I believe).

DEMO (Contains a file named balloon.rfo, I don't know what that does).

EFFECT (Contains files with .efo extension, obviously they are about effects applied into the game, which may be changed as well by replacing them).

FONT (Contains some files, one of them with the .rfz extension, not sure what that is. 2 Other files, are SEGAGOTHIC.22.FON and SEGAGOTHIC.38.FON. There is also another foldes, which may contain images or something similar).

GAME And this is the "fun" part. Contains 5 Files. The first one: GAME_SETTINGS.ini, which contains: Translatable text from Japanese to English or any other language I believe, PointAssignments (Race bonusses, Story2ndWinBonus, Story3rdBonusRate, StoryAdvantageBonusMax, AvatarPointStrWin/Retire/Lose/Win. Class Winnder Addition, Class D,C,B,A,S. TimeTable (Time for each course + the time extended), and SlowCarBoost for every route).

NGWORD_FULL.txt, and NGWORD_PARTIAL.txt (Which contain offensive words in Italian, English, And definitely Japanese I believe. I guess they used those 2 files, to avoid using names which used those kinds of insults).

RIVAL_DATA.ini (Which contains all the rivals, the names for the translations and the english name but not applied in the game.The money you recieve from winning a specific race, The difficulty using Stars for each rival: From 1 to 10, Team name, RacePace, Weather, CarSpecs, and Scenario with the file).

RIVALSPEC_DATA.ini (Contains CarID For Each Rival, color of the car, Engine Level, FootWork Level, MissionType I don't know what that is, nump_area, nump_small, and nump_large, Those last 3 definitely tell the plate numbers, and partsset_id which I don't know what it is, )

RENDERER (Contains a file.efo, I don't know what that is).

REPLAYDATACONTENTS (Contains 2 pictures, 1 for replay data, and 1 for tuning I guess).

SAVEDATACONTENTS (Contains 2 pictures, 1 for save data, and 1 for tuning or something else in the game).

Shader (Contains 1 file named Shader.bin).

If there is any problem, don't hesitate to contact me at this email: