Final Fantasy Tactics War Of The Lions PSP "Undub" (unvoice?)

Started by plegenda, July 25, 2021, 03:56:39 PM

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Hello guys!
I've never posted anything on the site, and wanted to share a personal project.

So I noticed the Japanese version of WoTL has no voice acting, NorthAmerican one added it, and decided to go ahead and undub it.
Basically I just swaped the audio of the PMF files inside the ISO.

I'd like to maybe share it on the site and if anyone would like to try it just to make sure it works, that would be nice.
(so far I've hit 2 edited cutscenes and everything seems to work just fine).

here's the file:

-extract zip file somewhere you'll remember
-using UMDGen open your US Version .ISO war of the lions
-on the root of the ISO right click and and click
    add >
      Existing Folder >
        select the "PSP_GAME" folder from the .zip file
-when prompted that the folder contains a folder named "PSP_GAME" click "Yes to All"
-on the upper menu click "Save" and use your favorite format (So far i've tested ISO and CSO)
-Hope you enjoy it!


Please do not upload the modified original game files.
Please make PATCHES of the files. (I'm pretty sure one of the many patch formats can do directory patching)
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Sorry Mike,
first timer here. I have zero to no experience in programming or similar skills, could you hint me on what should I research to turn this into a patcher?


Ask on a PSP rom hacking forum - maybe gbatemp forums - what you'd use to to make a patch.

I think you can use PPF-O-Matic or one of the other PPF patch makers.

Really there should be a readme or guide somewhere for this, rather than shouting at people to make patches - especially if the person doing the shouting doesn't know how to make patches for that platform.