Almateria's Icewind Dale 2 Fixpack + Restoration Mod 7

Started by Felipefpl, January 30, 2023, 08:26:14 AM

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Many ppl are aware there are mods for Baldur's Gate 1, Siege of Dragonspear or 2, Icewind Dale 1 or Planescape: Torment but not a mod that fixes/restore things in Icewind Dale 2, here are the changes:

    Mooncalf's shield and Tabard's shield now appear as large shields on the character. [KC]
    The Winged Blight greatsword's description has been matched to its effect. [KC]
    The Footman's Folly shield's description has been adjusted to list 5% spell failure chance. [KC]
    The Wandering Sky greatsword's description now mentions recharging afer resting. [KC]
    The cleric of Selune's Moon shield spell has been fixed to not stack with itself. [KC]
    Great White Wyrm's Maw has been fixed to pause the caster when using the cone of cold breath ability. [KC]
    Renamed the ATTSTYL.IDS to ATTSTYLE.IDS, fixing multiple scripts.
    Fixed multiple instances of erroneous class masks in the MarkSpellAndObject() action.
    A large number of armors have been adjusted to no longer disable Arcane spells.
    Smaller number of armors had their categories match the listed type.

Additionally, a minor typo in the fix for Pudu's Blight has been fixed.
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