Need Help With MK64 Translation Project (Pitstop64)

Started by LunaDook, July 19, 2021, 03:46:55 AM

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Howdy all! I've been working on an MK64 translation for the last bit here, running into a weird issue with using pitstop64 for texture replacements, hoping someone might be able to help me out here.

So, here's the file for the texture in question I am replacing with pitstop:

As can be seen, it's a pretty bog standard PNG which should import into pitstop no problem. When I import it though, this happens:

I'm not sure what I've done wrong here, and I don't want to keep making edits to the textures that have transparency like this (most of the menu ones, really) until I figure out what this is about. One strange thing is this hasn't been an issue with any of the other transparent textures I've already done. I've also noticed pitstop64 has some issues regardless (missing text strings, as an example) so if there's a way I can maybe use the decomp I have to use to edit all the text regardless then I'm all for it, I just haven't been able to find any info on how I'd do that (since most textures are in a special format as far as I can tell, MKOP00 or whatever it's called (it's 1am and I am too lazy to verify haha).

Thanks in advance!

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So, me and my project partner have looked into this a bit further and I feel like providing the details here may help.

It seems to have something to do with the alpha channel being messed up when making edits, but we're not exactly sure why. It also seems when we edit any images that the actual RGB channels get messed up in the process, so while the PNG or BMP looks correct, something about the import process seems to notice(?) the weird trashing of the colour channels. Basically, depending on what we use to edit the TKMK00 assets, one of two things happen:

  • Textures seem to import fine but have no alpha, meaning they don't flash like they are supposed to
  • Textures obviously do not import quite correctly and weird artifacts appear Here's a link to a video showing both issues in action in a built ROM.


Prawdopodobnie plik został zapisany w innym formacie kolorów niż oryginał, proponuję użyć innego programu do edycji grafiki, ja używam programu NPS Image Editor, zapisuje pliki w tym samym formacie co oryginał, używam go do edycji grafiki w Super Mario 64 i nie miałem żadnego problemu.
Jeśli chodzi o edycję gry, to najlepiej użyć dekompilacji, jest więcej możliwości edycji, i nie trzeba się martwić kompresją, wszystkie grafiki zostaną automatycznie skonwertowane do odpowiedniego formatu, możesz też w ten sposób poszerzyć czcionkę o polskie znaki.


We figured out what the problem is (Pitstop has a broken encoder and decoder for TKMK00 compressed textures) and found a workaround using GIMP to edit individual channels in the image to fix the problem.

We wanted to take advantage of the decompilation, but it's not finished yet and currently there is no support to actually modify the data without having to go around and add filler data everywhere (seriously, we spoke to the author of the decompilation), so

Anyway, we released a design with Working TKMK00 Textures! If anyone needs tips on how exactly to fix TKMK00 textures, feel free to ask me or MoonbowJelly.


Ustaliłyśmy, na czym polega problem (Pitstop ma uszkodzony koder i dekoder dla TKMK00) i znalazłyśmy obejście za pomocą GIMP, aby dokładnie edytować poszczególne kanały na obrazie, aby rozwiązać problem.

Chciałyśmy skorzystać z dekompilacji, ale nie jest ona jeszcze zakończona i obecnie nie ma obsługi pozwalającej na faktyczne modyfikowanie danych bez konieczności chodzenia i dodawania wszędzie danych wypełniających (poważnie, rozmawialiśmy z autorem dekompilacji), więc

Tak czy inaczej, wydałyśmy projekt z działającymi teksturami! Jeśli ktoś potrzebuje wskazówek, jak naprawić pliki, powiadom mnie lub MoonbowJelly.


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TO the last posts, proszę pisać po angielsku.

This message forum in an English forum. Stop writing messages in Polish or any other language or it will be closed.

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