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New Super Mario Bros The New Levels

Started by Alpha hack, July 16, 2021, 10:47:43 AM

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Alpha hack

welcome to the second official thread of New Super Mario Bros The New Levels


containing the hack?

-custom music

-NSMBU, NSMBW, NSMB2 tilesets and others made by me

-a custom power-up

-new enemies

-a spaceship

-new mechanics

-A new main enemy

-other types and level design

download link:

Download Soundtrack in MP3 here:

The patch is compatible only with a the american version

Last Update Finished!!


World 1(Grassland): 100%

World 2(Desert Cookie): 100%

World 3(Cheep Cheep Beach): 100%

World 4(Toxic Forest): 100%

World 5(Snowpike Glacier): 100%

World 6(U.F.O Land): 100%

World 7(Rainy Clouds): 100%

World 8(Bowser Alien Land): 100%

progress:100% (Complete)


Newer Team


NSMB Hacking Recourses



Ray and Freezer


Newer Team




DS Games


NSMB Hacking Recourses


Newer Team


Beta Testers:





Super guĂ­as


special help with pallet design:Keeper


Special help with music Hacking:




ASM Hacking:



special thanks with the ASM Hacking:


Level Desing:



Level ideas:

Adventure Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros U DS


NSMB Central

my own level ideas


That looks pretty cool, but I hope there is a way to get rid of that big yellow screen on the bottom, or nobody is going to want to play this. It should only appear when you hit the start button or something. It's a great thing you have going, so make sure to do something about that bottom screen.


Well, that's DS. The bottom screen. I don't think it can simply be removed.


But, can it be recoloured? That colour is kinda strong, maybe change it to something more unremarkable.


Doh! They didn't say what game system it was for, so that makes sense. I have Drastic on my Retropie, so I would be able to play the game just fine then. :)

Alpha hack

I'm glad for your interest, a demonstration will be launched soon, what you see there is basically a demonstration since the hack is going to undergo more striking and visual changes, one question, I like that screen, and if I darken it a little or the I place it clearer, it would look better and it would not attract so much attention? If that leaves the Star Coins, practically ..., I do not know how to explain it but your suggestions were helpful, thank you very much I will repair it :)


It probably is simple to recolor, but it's the bottom screen, which is meant to just be glanced at.

Alpha hack

really the bottom screen does matter, and changing it to another color is not difficult but it would is was very bad, well the story is about Bowser alien, if it is strange but what does it matter, no one has done such a hack, well the story is basically based on Bowser alien it is the main enemy, I will make a lot of modifications, and well I will make a small modification to the lower screen and show it tomorrow

The alien scale will not be noticed, believe me, well let me know if something else is wrong, they are very good at giving their opinions


who cares about the bottom screen? This is a hack of a DS game. DS has two screens. What's the difference what color it is? The top screen is the actual playing area. It looks fine as it is.

Alpha hack

well you're right it won't do much to show it so much, since it will be ignored anyway, i go fixed it tomorrow, I'll launch beta 4 this week, I can post it here, it's a demo

Alpha hack

Alpha hack


The version 1.0 is out!!!!

This is the Game Complete to 100%



Can you post a link to your 1.0 release?  Thanks  :)

Alpha hack

The link is to there, not worked for you?


I thought the link at the top was to the old version, but it seems it downloads the newest one. Thanks. I just had a senior moment, that's all. :) lol

Alpha hack


The version 1.1 is out!!

Know Gliches:

The Boss Music not worked (still)


Now you can save anytime

Enjoy ;)!!!

I Fixed the bug of the patch

Alpha hack

Final update!!!

No more updates so NSMBTNL is officially completed!!!

Bugs fixed:

1.All visual bugs fixed and some bugs that only very few were going to find.

2.Now in the red mushroom houses you can see the Golden Shell and in the purple ones you can see the bottom wallpaper of NSMBTNL.
(Special thanks to my best graphics helper: Keeper )

3.I corrected the mistake caused by the alteration of jyotou of desert underground background only visible in the underground part of level 6-3 only visible in version 1.1.

Permanent glitches that will never be corrected but are not of much importance:

1. Some hexadecimal sounds don't work with Luigi (ONLY)

2.The final battle music doesn't work, so fight would be for everyone.

3.when you don't unlock all the levels including the cannons the graphics in the credits may appear corrupted some screenshots.

Enjoy :thumbsup:!!!