Tile Molester- Starting errors & editing color palettes

Started by EnricoBlanc, October 28, 2021, 08:00:27 AM

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Hello everyone,

I'm an Art Academy student working on a project in which I want to edit an GBA file. I'm completely new to all of this and I hope someone could help me out :)

Basically what I want is to use the Tile Molester program to be able to manipulate the color palette and individual images by adding or removing things.

I came across Tile Molester as a viable way through a YouTube recommendation. However after Trying to open the program I seem to be getting errors all around. On windows this were multiple quite big errors regarding Java, even after installing the correct versions of Java based on what Tile Molester was build upon it seems to still not work. So I decided to switch to Apple, Here after installing the correct Java script the main error I am getting is: Error reading language file: can't find bundle for base name languages/language, locale en_NL. I was wondering if this is something that would be able to still run/fix or maybe this is not an option anymore but there are alternative programs with similar capabilities that still work?

I want to thankyou beforehand if you could help me regarding this

Greetings, Enrico.


There are different version of it floating around, some of which are on github. I don't remember which ended up working for me, but you'll have to try all 4 of them out.



You do not install a java script.. you need a runtime environment. What errors?.. For me both the Aobt Open JDK or the original from Oracle works. Not sure why switching the OS should do any good to run a jave program. I am sure they work anywhere as long you get the a proper runtime.

Uninstall java development JDKs if you have any to avoid conflicts. Or what ever you installed and may be try the open one. https://adoptium.net/?variant=openjdk11

I suggest you use the latest tool: https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1583/

If you like to do romhacking a windows OS seems to be the most beginner friendly way. Since on a other OS you will not get many prebuild tools for many tasks.

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