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Donkey Kong Arcade Frontend
« on: July 16, 2021, 07:20:23 am »

I made a Donkey Kong Arcade Frontend (for Windows and Raspberry Pi4) to showcase all of the excellent rom hacks that have been developed by the community. The frontend is simple to use and I made it to work on my own Donkey Kong arcade machine.

To get the system up and running you simply need to extract files from the release ZIP and then place into the provided roms folder.  That's it.  When you launch the software the frontend will automatically generate 35 rom hacks for you (using the bundled patch files).  The software comes bundled with a lightweight version of WolfMAME, which supports only the Donkey Kong drivers, so you don't have to set up emulators.

You basically get to control Jumpman and use him to select which game you would like to play.  If you play well then the system will reward you with coins and you can accumulate coins to unlock machines.

I learned a bunch about rom hacking while I was developing the frontend.  The frontend includes 6 of my own rom hacks.  The first 2,  make use of MAME LUA scripts to add additional capability e.g. the rising lava flow of DK Lava Panic!

DK Lava Panic! (dkonglava)
DK Who and the Daleks (dkongwho)
DK Pies Only (dkongpies)
DK Rivets Only (dkongrivets)
DK Springs Only (dkongspringy)
DK Barrels Only (dkongbarrels)

You can check out my project and download the latest release from

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