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[SMW] LAX: A Relaxed New Collaborative Hack

Started by alternateSMW_, July 10, 2021, 05:57:57 PM

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I'm putting together a new collab SMW hack.  It is still in early stages but with steady progress with 3 completed levels, 1 that just needs a secret exit path, 2 near complete and a few more WIP so far.  Some plans for the overworld as well but development won't start until all or at least most levels are started.  I intend to encompass many different styles and difficulties though my levels so far have been influenced by Japanese authors such as Anikiti and Hai Mari, VIP series generally while difficulty around Standard: Hard and Very Hard going by SMWC's ranking.  Pretty relaxed goals, just a collection of levels.  The anonymous level submissions is an idea to give the hack more of an identity but it may not stick.  More information here.  Thank you.

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