"Delta Patcher" tool vanished. Virus, or broken?

Started by Polinym, July 09, 2021, 11:01:30 AM

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Hello! This seemed to be the most appropriate place to put this even though I'm not new anymore. So I downloaded a "Delta Patcher" tool (this one here: http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/704/) so I could apply a Dragon Warrior patch created in that special format, but after using it, I'm now very concerned. The utility launched fine and I was even able to use the GUI to patch the ROM. However, when I returned to the folder, the executable for the tool is now gone. I've had a similar thing happen with some files I downloaded a few years back that vanished when I clicked on them, and received a virus. Nothing else has happened since Delta Patcher vanished. Now I'm wondering whether this is supposed to happen with this tool, or I need to mark this tool as non-compliant and just hope my computer survives. I'm running a virus scan anyway, but that might take awhile so if this is intended behavior with this tool then I can probably just stop the scan and continue working. Is Delta Patcher supposed to up and disappear on me?
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sounds about as false positive to me as they come.

the tool description says it embeds xdelta.exe into itself and extracts it on-demand for being used.
xdelta itself is notoriously known for tripping false positives because of the way it works (it reads and modifies other files, so heuristics automatically think its EVIL!!!!11one)

that said, i havent used this particular program myself so im not going to swear on it being absolutely safe, but with patchers this kinda thing happens dime a dozen...

I'eve even written one myself that instantly dissappeared when i compiled it because (out of all things) windows defender decided that the result of my source code once compiled is harmful. lmao.
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I can guarantee Delta Patcher has no malicious code. The false positive might be due to a combination of the main exe being compressed and the fact that the xdelta.exe is extracted on the fly. Just add an exception in your antivirus.