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Ogre Battle Randomizer Lite

Started by DragonAtma, June 20, 2021, 05:20:09 PM

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It took some time, but version 0.3 "Bohemian Randoming" of Ogre Battle Randomizer Lite is finally out! You can find a copy here, along with two sample seeds for headered files:

The randomizer itself works on both headered and unheadered files. It also comes with multiple features:

* More than half of the classes have been rebalanced. It's not perfect, but much better than in the vanilla game. Among other changes, large classes tend to be stronger (especially now-beefy golems), Liches and Ninja line are weaker, Princesses are stronger but don't give an extra attack, and Sorcerer has been replaced by Seducer, an advanced Witch class. More details are in the settings file, and nearly every single change can be toggled on or off.
* Levels are in line with the original game. Anomalies (e.g. clerics four levels below every other enemy in the stage) are gone.
* Enemy row positioning is boss-dependent. Savvy leaders like Debonair and Hikash are talented in putting enemies in the correct row; non-military types such as Usar and Deneb are more likely to put wizards in front or knights in back. There are a few exceptions, mainly when a character is both in front AND in back.
* Large unit leaders are an option. Nonstandard leaders (Fighter, Halloween, etc.) are also an option. By default they're on, both for the randomizer and for you, the player.
* With the default settings, enemy tiers are sensible (no Evil Ones in Sharom, no Wizards in Xanadu, etc.).
* Enemy classes are somewhat up-to-date; you won't see clerics in the third stage from the end. Keep in mind that they're not immediately phased out for advanced classes; for example, even though Knights can become Paladins at level 15, don't be surprised to see some who are still Knights at level 16 or 17.
* lets you adjust the randomizer in multiple ways. Just open it up in a text editor (I use Notepad++) and edit away!
* Usar's units (along with the next few stages) are incomplete, just like in vanilla. If you enjoy danger, the settings file lets you give him full units  (or give EVERYONE incomplete units!).
* Enemy Liches and Princesses are rare, but may occur in the last few levels. If you think they're overpowered, the settings file lets you remove them from the enemy forces.
* Some stage-related features are included by default: the clones in Zeteginea, the unusually powerful units in Dragon's Haven, and the first stage having only Warren (which, sadly, cannot be changed in 0.3).
* Lexar can be renamed. Not in-game, mind you, but he can be given a random standardized name (and by default he will).
* The config file comes with a random number seed. As long as they have the same version, seed, and settings, everyone (you, me, Elizabeth II, and so on) will encounter the same exact enemies.

It has not been 100% bug-tested (I can't exactly run through the game every time I change something!), but it works well for me. if you do find any bugs, please let me know.

On to version 0.4!
In memory of my beloved cats, Anastasia (9/30/06-9/18/17, illness) and Josephine (1/19/06-9/23/17, cancer).
My mods: Romance of the Three Kingdoms II, Gemfire, 7th Saga, and more


Progress is slow but steady. Stages are now themed (evil units in Pogrom Forest, ice-friendly units in Tundra, etc.). The same is true with Warren's units (and fireseal units): Phantom Lord gets low-Ali units, Icecloud Lord gets high-ali units.

I've been adding more stage-based adjustments as well. Undead are more frequent in Pogrom Forest, while Paladins never appear in Zeteginea or Temple Shalina.

As you undoubtedly guessed, I got a Phantom Lord (and Lexar was renamed Barsazal). The randomizer's not 100% perfect, but it's certainly playable.
In memory of my beloved cats, Anastasia (9/30/06-9/18/17, illness) and Josephine (1/19/06-9/23/17, cancer).
My mods: Romance of the Three Kingdoms II, Gemfire, 7th Saga, and more