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Author Topic: [Technical] [PS1] Use an ALREADY-BUILT TOOL to combine 2 ISO's  (Read 448 times)


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I'm pretty sure I'm just one more step away from getting the full-English PS1 NTSC-U version of Valkyrie Profile fully playable on PSP/Vita, for the first time publicly, AFAIK. All I need is for someone to figure out how to successfully compile both NTSC-U discs of Valkyrie Profile into 1 ISO using a tool that's already been built. (Disc swap seems to be the only thing not working in my current build, and combining both discs would eliminate that problem.) I was able to successfully extract/dump the contents of Disc1 & Disc2 using the same tool, but am struggling compiling them back together. (The tool automatically joins Disc1 & Disc2's contents when it re-compiles the game.)

Here's what I've done:
1.(Success) Put the pre-requisite files (outlined in the link above) into the same directory (VP1.bin, VP2.bin, lua-interface-light + luaslz.dll, & 'plain' cgit repo files), then ran:
Code: [Select]
lua-interface-light.exe -e "main('VP1.bin', 'VP2.bin')" VP-process.lua

1.(Failure) Changed "dump_mode=true" to "dump_mode=false" (as instructed) & Ran designated "Insertion" (compile) command:
Code: [Select]
lua-interface-light.exe -e "main('VP1.bin', 'VP2.bin', 'VPNew.bin')" VP-process.lua

2.Added "rooms-txt.lua" and "rooms.lua" from a seemingly-random repo floating around, belonging to "Pixel", the tool's creator
  • i feel like these files might be the root of my problem

3.(Failure) Tried running "insertion"/compile cmd again & get error at "Processing DUMP/GAME/ROOMS/3610":
Code: [Select]
lua-interface-light.exe -e "main('VP1.bin', 'VP2.bin', 'VPNew.bin')" VP-process.lua

4.(Failure) Replaced the "light" version of the extraction/compile tool ("lua-interface-light") with the full version ("lua-interface") (both of which are in the first link above), but get same error at "Processing DUMP/GAME/ROOMS/3610".

Are there any LUA pros (and/or even PS1 Valkyrie Profile hackers(???)) who feel they could generate a combined Disc1+Disc2 vanilla NTSC-U ISO using this tool?

Thank you in advance!

P.S. I've PM'd BahaBulle (the guy who posted the instructions for the tool) & even Pixel (the creator of the tool--though he seems to have moved on in life) on as well, but am casting my net wide to see if there's any among you who can help, so as to not put all my eggs into one basket :)
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Re: [Technical] [PS1] Use an ALREADY-BUILT TOOL to combine 2 ISO's
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2021, 06:13:02 pm »
I have a tool capable of doing this i wrote couple years back for making an undub of the game.
it'd take a bit of fiddling around as its not intended for rebuilding the straight game without modifications but i can see if i can make it
whip up a patch for you to merge the disks and disable the disk change check.

one thing to mention though is while the iso itself will be fine and around the size of one full cd, do not try to actually play it on a ps1,
as it will be unable to read the end of the disk and most likely just crashes.

on a psp or vita it should be fine though (its a ps1 cd drive thing.)
In PSP we trust.