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Author Topic: Dragon Quest I+II Addendum Fix by Rod Merida  (Read 39878 times)


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Re: Dragon Quest I+II Addendum Fix by Rod Merida
« Reply #280 on: August 20, 2021, 02:04:45 pm »
I'm closing this thread for two reasons.
  • The hack creator has said they're satisfied with the state of the patch. See here. It doesn't seem that further discussion would be particularly fruitful.
  • There has been a fair amount of low grade flaming and bickering in this thread. I can only see this getting worse if the thread continues on. Some of you are not behaving politely and / or constructively enough. Brush up on Rule 1 (see stickied thread in Newcomer's subforum).

@RodMerida: If you wish to reopen this thread, please discuss it with me via PM.