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Custom Sprite thread

Started by jimstrom, June 10, 2021, 12:43:21 PM

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Did not know where to put this thread, so feel free to move it where you see fit.

I know that i'm in a minority but i love the NES sprite style.

One of my favorite games is Final Fantasy NES, and i love the spritework there.

However in later incarnations of the games, they put in som very cool unique map sprites for the bosses and a much improved sprite of Bahamut.

I would so like to have an NES style version of those sprites, but can't seem to find any online.

I also would like to see some improved sprites of the Final Fantasy 2 characters since they've got some much needed improvement in later incarnations too. Firions NES sprite is a slightly modified Fighter for an exampel.

Does anyone have any custom Final Fantasy NES sprites?

Lastly feel free to post your own customized sprites of other games, since this forum seem to lack a custom sprite gallery, and i think one would be appreciated.